Hacienda Zuleta, Imbabura, Ecuador
Friday 3rd March 2017
The spectacular mountain setting of the huge ramp mound site at Hacienda Zuleta ( in Ecuador’s northern sierra, Imbabura province, was the location for my next experience of traditional healing.
Location of Taita Punta Rumi
Thursday 26th January 2017
Taita Punta Rumi is a vast rock overhanging a steep mountainside, which has been sacred to the local indigenous Salasaka community probably for hundreds of years, since before the arrival of the Spanish in 1534, when it would have been called a wak'a (also huaca).
Salasaca region, Ecuador
Thursday 26th January 2017
Following our trip out to Guagaje and Tingo Pucará, it had been arranged that the three of us - Diego Quiroga, Fernando Ortega and myself - would go to visit some of the indigenous communities in the Salasaca region of Ecuador’s central sierra.
Wednesday 25th January 2017
January has been a very productive month for the project, with good progress made both in finalising the initial ethnohistorical and archaeological background research, and in laying the foundation for the future phase of fieldwork with regional indigenous communities, later this year.
Traditional healers in Cuenca's market
Friday 30th December 2016
Several years ago I lived for two brief periods with an Andean Indian family in Ecuador’s Northern Sierra and it was here that I became more deeply interested in traditional Andean medicine, discovering the unlikely benefits of, for example, bathing with stinging nettles and the alleviation of se
Traditional Andean feast
Wednesday 30th November 2016
We are now in the second month of the Andean Medicine project and a lot has happened in the last four weeks. Read more in our second blog post.
Ascent of Volcán Imbabura, Provincia Imbabura, Ecuador
Tuesday 1st November 2016
Today, 1st November 2016, is the start of the new EC Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Marie Sklodowska-Curie funded project 'MEDICINE' - read our first blog entry!