What can the archaeological and ethnohistorical records tell us about the way people adapt their health beliefs and attitudes to illness in the face of war, dislocation and persecution?

‘MEDICINE’ is a project funded under the EC Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme, to determine concepts of health and healing from a culturally specific indigenous context, using a framework of interdisciplinary methods which integrates archaeological-historical, ethnographic and modern health sciences approaches.

The project explores concepts and pathways of ancestral belief systems that survive into the modern world and seeks to maintain a link between traditional indigenous approaches which are integral to understanding health conditions for the individual within their socio-cultural context, and modern approaches to medicine and health sciences.

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News and updates

Wednesday 24th April 2019
April signals spring and the round of a new conference season. This year the Society for American Archaeology meetings were being held in Albuquerque New Mexico, and thence I went, hard...
Volcan Imbabura
Friday 8th March 2019
Within the context of a formal academic study, there has been little scope for offering a more informal, even humorous perspective on Traditional Medicine. But readers might be interested...